How to navigate 

COVID-19 as a 

manual therapist.

As a business, we want to support the small businesses who are starting to feel the effects of COVID-19 and the uncertainty it has brought. So, we've put together this resource to help you stay sane and productive in the coming weeks. Of course, every business is different, so not all strategies and tactics will work for everyone. But go through the pointers below and implement the ones that make sense for your business.

1. Go digital...

Offering online consultations couldn’t be easier through Zoom, Facebook or even WhatsApp. My first day of zoom consults were so much fun! And patients emailed to say they loved it too. They were so appreciative to receive the help and advice even though it was through a screen. The steps I took to implement mine were: Sending an email to my patient list. Calling patients who had appointments that week and offering a Zoom session. Setting up the zoom consultation option on my online booking system. Uploading a Facebook and Instagram story to let people know what times I have available the day before.  

2. Share each other’s content...

Some of you may agree that coming up with your own content can be time-consuming. If you see something that resonates when browsing social media, share it! Let’s help each other improve the reach of the content we have taken time to produce by sharing, liking and commenting more. 

We have created a free download for you to share with your audience, with hands-on techniques that can be used during pregnancy and labour to help with pain and some of the common unwanted symptoms pregnancy can bring. 

You can share this link:

3. Show your perfectly imperfect human side...

This is a great opportunity for your community to get to know you as a person a little bit more. Share what you are eating, the activities you do with your children, some of the interesting things you like to read or podcasts you like to listen to. In troubling times like this, where we are all self-isolating, everyone is (or will soon be) craving some human contact, so while we can’t go round hugging each other, we can share a little more of a personal touch in other ways. Your patients will still come and see you even after they catch you slouching on an Instagram story! 

4. Lean into e-commerce

Have you got a hidden skill you don’t get to indulge because you are usually too busy in clinic? Can you turn this skill into something someone may want to buy? Or can you create an online course or ebook to sell online. Turning your Instagram or Facebook page into a shop is super simple.  

5.  Engage more with your community

I find chatting to my clients is a hugely enjoyable part of my work in clinic. You can still engage with your community in the same way but just online. On Instagram commenting with at least 4 words will have a positive impact on the reach of a post so if your client has a business of their own, leave longer comments on their posts. Get your highlights set up on your Instagram page with things like the most common stretches you give out in practice. Then instead of printing out exercises, you can refer people to your page to check the demo out and gain a follower at the same time! 

However you spend your time in self-isolation as a business owner, you can make the most of this time to get ahead on those little tasks that are always clogging up your to do list. But just remember to make the most of every moment. Once we are all back to our usual working lives and routines, we will miss some of the stillness and solitude this crazy time has brought.

Written by

Sharon Sackey DC MChiro (Aceso Family Chiropractic)

Founder of Belloost