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Designed for professional therapists, our internationally acclaimed pregnancy pillow is now available for home use. Put pregnancy pain behind you.

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Designed For You

'Made for Mums' Bronze Award Winner 2019

Support and Comfort

Relax in comfort on super-soft layers of memory foam

Intelligent Core

Innovative dual foam core provides extra support for vulnerable areas

Pregnancy Optimised

At Belloost, we believe that whilst every pregnancy is different, each one has the potential to be pain-free, leading to a gentler, less-stressful labour.

Pregnancy Experts

Trusted internationally by over 700 experts, Belloost has transformed pregnancy treatments for thousands of women.

Belly-down Benefits

Rebalance and relax safely and comfortably. Belloost creates a relieving stretch to ease muscle and joint pain. Feel great every day of your pregnancy.

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