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 Putting the belloost pregnancy pillow to the test with massage


We are throwing back to when Sharon announced she was pregnant, and her experience with her very own creation; the Belloost Pregnancy Pillow!

Back to 2017, when Belloost CEO Sharon Sackey was pregnant....

I am finally getting to experience Belloost as a big-bellied woman! The creator has now become the end user… the pregnant woman! And so far I have to say it’s been pretty awesome. I have mostly enjoyed having little naps on it at home and some rest time between patients in my working day, not forgetting being chiro treated on it! 

I was very excited for my first pregnancy chiro treatment with a bump! I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and my bump is growing nicely. When my partner treated me to a day of relaxation at a lovely spa in Bath, I thought I would take the opportunity to take my Belloost pillow along for my first pregnancy massage and put it to the test…

The massage

The massage therapist explained how for the massage I would lay on my side and then switch to my other side part ways through, then end on my back. All while being propped up with a few pillows for comfort. When I explained I had this pillow which would allow me to lay on my front, she seemed a little skeptical initially, until I explained its features; how there’s extra support around the pelvis, no pressure on my tummy or breasts, how it’s made of comfy memory foam and wouldn’t interfere with her treatment style at all. I got comfy on my front and popped a towel under my forehead, as her bench didn’t have an adjustable headpiece. I had the most amazing full body massage prone, and was able to fully relax. After about 40/45 minutes I was starting to get achy in my thoracolumbar area, but by then it was time to turn onto my back anyway. I think that length of time in any one position during pregnancy does get uncomfortable, I certainly notice it at night.


I would definitely recommend to other massage therapists changing their client’s position 3/4 of the way through a massage, much like you would a standard full body massage. Being on my back with my knee's elevated after this was bliss. I noticed the feeling of tightness and cramp I get across my diaphragm and epigastric area had completely gone… much to my delight as it meant I had more space for my cream tea!

The massage therapist said how much easier she found performing the massage compared to the usual pregnancy massage they offer. She enjoyed being able to get stuck into her usual flow of a full body massage without having to keep stopping to change positions. I certainly appreciated this too.

Belloost face cradle

One of the best things about this experience was being able to think of ways to optimise the Belloost Pregnancy Pillow for massage therapy in particular, from the patient’s perspective. We have come up with a few ideas already, but one way we can enhance comfort while being prone for long periods of time is by using a face cradle for tables without an adjustable headpiece. I know some of our customers have already expressed a need for this. The Belloost face cradle will be coming soon, so watch this space!


For more information about Belloost and our pregnancy pillows or head rests, get in touch with us today! Contact us online and a member of the team will be more than happy to answer any questions. 

Written by: 

Sharon Sackey DC MChiro 

(Belloost CEO and chiropractor at Aceso Family Chiropractic, Buckingham)