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Three great ways To Improve Sitting posture for a more comfortable  pregnancy


  In this blog post we are going to cover how improving your sitting habits and posture can alleviate pain and improve breathing during pregnancy

Stiffness, tightness and irritation in the neck / shoulders and lower back can be a common finding during pregnancy. Changes in gravity can have an effect on pelvic positioning and all that attaches and interacts with this such as fascia, muscles, ligaments and nerves.

Understanding how we can optimise the neutral positioning can help restore balance and alleviate painful symptoms. 

When sitting down...

... a good starting point is to make sure your knees are lower than your hips. This creates a natural pelvic resting position and can facilitate the extra space needed for the growing bump. A rolled up towel or cushion in the small of your back will give even more support for your lower back and pelvis. It will also allow you to optimise correct breathing patterns.

Sitting is a large part of our modern way of living, but studies have shown sitting has a negative impact on our musculoskeletal system, and is a big contributor to pain and dysfunction. Aside from the negative effects it has on the mobility of the lower back and pelvis joints, it can also impinge normal diaphragm movement particularly when sitting in a forward or slouched position. 

Three great ways to remedy this

Reverse sitting: this where you sit on a chair the opposite way round and place your arm on the top of the backrest. This is a great way to force you to sit up straight, open up your hip joints and prevent slouching. Three birds, 1 stone!

Sit on a gym ball instead of a chair: you just can't slouch on a gym ball without falling off! So it will force you to activate your core and buttock muscles to support an upright posture. 

Try lying on your back at a 45 degree angle on a stack of pillows: this will help open up your rib cage and allow for maximum use of your diaphragm. It is a great position to practice your breathing exercises. 


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Written by

Dr. A.E.Papadopoulou MChiro, D.C., DACNB., MRCC (Pregnancy and paediatrics)
(Chiropractor at Clacton Chiropractic Clinic)

Anna has a fantastic reputation amongst mums to be and midwives in her local area. She has been involved with the creation of helpful MSK advice cards for the consideration of midwives on the ward when consulting with expecting mothers, and helped to create a simple algorithm which identified cases that can be co-managed alongside Chiropractors.