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Helping Pregnant women achieve optimal wellness with Belloost


Polly has been practicing in Balham since 2009, helping people achieve optimum wellness through chiropractic care and lifestyle advice. 

In March 2013 she set up Chiropractic By Hand. She has a special interest in all things pregnancy and baby-related and likes to take a holistic approach to each and every patient, ensuring patient-centred care. She enjoys having a busy paediatric base as well as treating pregnant ladies, and uses a combination of gentle technique approaches for both. Polly completed her Doula training with Nurturing Birth in 2012 and thoroughly enjoys helping new parents on their journey. Polly is also a qualified level 1 Hypopressives trainer, a technique for helping to restore pelvic floor and core strength with the use of breathing and diaphragm activation. Because Polly looks after lots of expectant mums and postnatal women, she felt that becoming a Hypopressives Trainer would really complement the chiropractic care she gives. 

We asked Polly a series of questions about her Belloost pregnancy pillow, and this is what she had to say:

What are your favourite features of your Belloost Pregnancy Pillow?

The bright, vibrant colours - mine is in the colour of my logo! And the fact that patients find it so comfy and supportive. It's also not as big and bulky as my previous pregnancy pillow.

What have have you helped your pregnant patients with, when they come in and see you? And how has Belloost helped you to treat them?

I see lots of pregnant women - some with no symptoms but seeking pregnancy care, breech presentations, lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain. 

Is there anyone you would recommend Belloost to? 

I would recommend all chiropractors / osteopaths / massage therapists / physios have one in their clinic. It comes in handy with many different patients, not just pregnant women.

If you had to rate it out of 5 stars what would you give?


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