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Wipeable & Machine Washable Lightweight 

Couch Covers, Pillow Covers & Aprons

Time to ditch the plastic aprons, scrappy pillow covers and unhygienic towelling covers. We have partnered up with one of the leading UK technical medical fabric producers to create our NEW range of lightweight reusable aprons, pillow covers and couch covers. They are waterproof, wipeable & machine washable!

Designed for the environmentally conscious practitioner 

Belloost wipeable covers provide the ideal solution to revamp your treatment space, while creating easy to clean surfaces in your clinic, salon or studio. Make cleaning between clients quick and easy. Reduce laundry time and save money.

Create a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing environment for your face-to-face client sessions. 

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Lightweight wipeable/washable

Couch Covers

Lightweight wipeable/washable

Pillow Covers

Lightweight wipeable/washable Reusable Aprons

Multi-buy offers available on selected products. Visit our online store for details. 

Certified and suitable for healthcare, beauty, hospitality and commercial use. Recommended PPE supplier for British Chiropractic Association and Institute of Osteopathy.

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