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Belloost's Covid-19 Policy

We are still sending orders and hope to continue to serve our community.

At Belloost we have adapted how we are working to help keep our team and our community safe: 

- We are still sending out orders, but we are running a reduced collection schedule in an effort to batch orders and limit the number of times I need to visit the office from home. This may mean your order may take a little longer to arrive. 

- All the other Belloost team members are no longer coming into the office. (It is times like this that make me really appreciate the effort spent at the start of this year building up stock of inventory to help streamline our fulfilment processes.) 

- We are deploying atmospheric sterilisers as well as viral surface cleaners to help keep the environment sanitary.

- And of course, washing hands - A LOT!

As a business, we want to support the small businesses who are starting to feel the effects of COVID-19 and the uncertainty it has brought. So, we've put together a resource on proactive ways manual therapists can weather the COVID-19 storm. It provides actionable tips on what you can do for your business to leverage on-line at this time.

As a global community, we can all do our part to stay safe, stop the spread, and show kindness where we can.

The Belloost Team xx

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