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Belloost ABC


  In this blog we'll discuss how the Belloost ABC can reduce pregnancy related back and pelvic pain

Belloost ABC

Belloost ABC is an easy way to learn how to pull together exercises to make sure you are working on training your body correctly for a pain-free pregnancy and beyond. 

If you can pull together exercises that ACTIVATE and strengthen, with exercises that BALANCE muscle and joint tension, you will be positively aiding the function of your body as a whole. If your body is strong and well balanced, you will be more likely to function day to day without pain. And less likely to fall into the 50% of women who suffer with severe back or pelvic pain during pregnancy. Wouldn’t that be bliss during pregnancy? 

Another very important element of pain management is mindset. By taking a few minutes of CHILL time after a workout to practice some mindfulness and meditation, or even to read a book or listen to an informative podcast, you will be training your brain to stay in a more calm and stress-free state. So, are you up for the challenge? 

Can you make a daily habit of practicing the Belloost ABC to prepare your body for a pain-free pregnancy and beyond? Will you be able to reduce your back pain for a comfortable pregnancy? Check out our IGTV for some pre-natal prep!

A: Activate

Activate and strengthen your buttock muscles to help support a healthy lower back and pelvis. Squats are a fantastic way to do this, as are bridges. If you’re struggling with SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) or pelvic girdle pain, stick to strengthening exercises that use both legs at the same time, such as glute bridges. Activate and strengthen your arms and upper back muscles to help prepare you for picking up and carrying your baby when he arrives. You will thank yourself for getting strong each time you pick up the car seat or hold your baby to feed. Mamas am I right?! 

B: Balance

Pregnancy is a great time to work on balancing your muscle and joint ranges of motion. Whilst pregnant, you have an increased level of the hormone relaxin, which softens your ligaments and muscles in preparation for labour. So make the most of the extra flexibility while you have it! You want to aim to balance your range of motion so it’s even side to side. We recommend when stretching, hold the position while you count deep breaths. If you do 5 deep breaths while stretching the front of your right hip, hold the same stretch on your left hip for 5 deep breaths too. Repeat the stretch until you get near to the same range of motion on both sides. 

C: Chill

Chill time is super important when you are growing a tiny human. Research has shown even just 10 minutes of mediation can result in improved immunity and greater happiness. We recommend 20 minutes of Belly-down time on the Belloost Home Pregnancy Pillow. That’s 10 minutes mediation and a 10 minute nap. Win win! 

How do you like to spend your chill time? Napping? Listening to a podcast? Listening to a hypnobirthing audio? Let us know your favourites in the comments below.

“Mindfulness meditation is not about emptying the mind, just as your heart beats and your breath flows in and out, your mind thinks. It’s impossible to stop your thoughts, but mindfulness does offer a completely new understanding of how to relate to your thoughts so you become master rather than slave of your mind.” 

Written by

Belloost Team