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Belloost In Vogue


 Belloost Is In Vogue Magazine 

Let’s shout about it!

Here is a little guide to help you and your clinic benefit from the publicity Belloost is receiving from being in Vogue magazine this month.


Remember to…


1.    Tag @Vogue and @belloost_ in posts and on stories featuring your Belloost pregnancy pillow.

2.    Add text with posts, telling people Belloost is in Vogue magazine this issue. And tell the world you use a Belloost pillow in your clinic to leveragethe publicity we have created, for you and your clinic.

3.    Shout about the fact you help support pregnant women in your community by going the extra mile and offering extra care and comfort for pregnancy treatments with Belloost pregnancy pillows.


Here is an example....


Grid post

- Picture:

Choose a graphic we have provided and add a second image of your pillow in your treatment space. 


- Caption:

Happy [Friday]everyone, and we are so excited to share, @Belloost_ is in @VOGUE magazine this issue! Grab a copy in shops or online and havea read this weekend! Did you know we have been using Belloost pregnancy pillowsin our clinic(s) for [years], to make treatments for pregnant women in [Buckingham] extra comfortable.


- Then add hashtags


Story post


Once your grid post done, use one of the other graphics we have created to add to your story e.g. the ipad graphic. 

- Caption 

Belloost is in VOGUE this issue! #happydance. [Add a giff of a happy dance].

- Tag 

All the Vogue pages and @belloost_ .


Then follow up with a few stories with pictures of you usingthe Belloost in your clinic and the benefits of the type of care you provide topregnant women.




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