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Supporting your bump with kinesio tape


How to support a heavy bump with Kinesio taping

Heavy bump?

It’s not uncommon for women to feel like their bump is really heavy, particularly in the third trimester. This is particularly common if you have already had a baby and are pregnant with your second+ child. Some women use tight belly bands to offer extra support. These can be helpful, though they do restrict movement and may also negatively impact your ability to breath properly. And we all know how important breathing is in the preparation for labour! Some research shows that belly bands offer only minor compression, providing limited support. They can also bunch up, though some do come with specific trims to help prevent this. 

Rock tape

Alternatively, Kinesio-tape such as Rock tape, can be a great solution. A rehabilitative taping technique, it’s often used to support and stabilise muscles and joints, but can really help women who are finding the heaviness of their bump a struggle. As you know I’m all about movement and function, and taping the belly offers the weightless feeling of a belly band but without compressing your belly and restricting movement and breathing. This taping technique worked really well for this mama (pictured) I was treating. She had a mild weakening in her abdominal wall from her first pregnancy and was struggling with a heavy bump. When she stood up after I’d taped her, she was amazed that the heavy feeling and focal area of pain on her tummy had gone. 

How to use it

This tape will usually stay put for around 3 days and will dry off after showers. The great thing is you don’t need to be a pro to apply it, with the right guidance on applying the tape, you can achieve the same result when reapplying it at home. This is something I like to show the mums I treat, so they’re able to do it themselves at home. 

Kinesio taping is something worth exploring in addition to belly bands, or as an alternative. Get in touch to find out more!

Written by: 

Sharon Sackey DC MChiro 

(Belloost CEO and chiropractor at Aceso Family Chiropractic, Buckingham)