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Belloost wipeable pillow covers


Here we discuss our exciting new product; 

the Belloost Wipeable Pillow Covers which 

have flown off the shelves!!

Last month we saw the launch of a new product to the Belloost professional range. Our medical grade Wipeable Pillow Covers hit the ground running, providing a professional easy to clean solution for using pillows in clinics and salons across the country. As many manual therapists and salon owners gear up for their return to face to face sessions, the need for protective equipment for both personal use and use in their working environment is of paramount importance. At Belloost we are proud to be able to help business owners prepare for their much anticipated return to work and help them towards implementing the steps needed to provide a safe, sanitary environment for their clients.

What make our Wipeable Pillow Covers so special? 

Belloost Wipeable Pillow Covers are made from the same medical grade vinyl fabric as our award winning professional Pregnancy Pillows. What makes them different to other waterproof pillow cases is the high quality vinyl fabric we use; they are not just plastic (like many other cheap options). Our vinyl fabric not only comes in a range of vibrant colours, it has layers of protective properties which specifically prevent the growth of microorganisms, something that is of huge importance in the current climate. This is what allows it to be classed as ‘medical-grade’. It has also been thoroughly tested against cracking and abrasions, ensuring our wipeable pillow covers will be long lasting. The covers meet strict safety and quality standards making them appropriate for use in healthcare, hospital and hospitality settings. You can be rest assured that Belloost’s Wipeable Pillow Covers will stand up to the extra cleaning products and protocols needed for businesses to meet Public Health England and NHS guidelines when reopening. 

Belloost Wipeable Pillow Covers are the easy solution for your business. Bring your pillows up to standard so you can still offer extra comfort and support in your client facing sessions without compromising on safety and quality. 


Written by: 

Sharon Sackey DC MChiro 

Chiropractor & Founder of Belloost