Belloost Chiropractic Pregnancy


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The #1 Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillow created, produced and distributed from the UK.


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All materials used within Belloost Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows have been meticulously selected to ensure the highest quality, safety and style of each individual pregnancy pillow. 


  • High quality memory foam and medical grade vinyl fabric

  • Phthalate-free vinyl case

  • Special properties to ensure vinyl case effectively inhibits the spread of bacteria such as MRSA, C. difficile, E. coli and other nasty microorganisms

  • The fabric has undergone several forms of abrasion testing to guarantee it’s vibrant colour lasts for as long as possible.

No need to remove the cover. No machine washing necessary. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth, much like your bench and other equipment. Efficient and low hassle so you can focus on what’s important, your treatment!

Customise your pillow to match your clinic colours…


Key Clinical Features:

  1. The intelligent core, opens up the use of chiropractic drop piece techniques. A feature pioneered by Belloost. If you use Webster technique, this is one for you.

  2. The intelligent core provides resistance when performing soft tissue releases around the pelvic girdle. This means less force is needed to achieve great facial, ligamentous and muscular releases. Less force means more comfort.

  3. Specially shaped breast cavity for minimal pressure on the sensitive chest area before and after birth.

  4. 7 inch deep of the breast and belly cavity, makes it the deepest prone pillow to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

  5. Removable insert, allowing you to create a longer belly cavity by 3 inches when removed for your taller patients.

  6. The sloped upper portion of the pillow gives less pillow absorption when performing a cervico-thoracic manipulations.

  7. The compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre and store.

  8. Contour 1 prevents pressure on the delicate anterior neck of your patients. Maintains neutral positioning of the whole spine.

  9. Contours 2 & 3 allow patients to grab hold of either side of the bench for easier lifting and lowering from the pillow.

  10. Contour 4 limits contact of the pillow on the delicate pubic bone area of your patients, which provides an invaluable feature particularly for patients suffering with SPD.

  11. The belly cavity can also be width wise, for your wider patients.

  12. Your patients thighs can lay on a natural downward slope from hips to knees for a more comfortable contact with the bench.

The patients love it and it’s the best chiropractic pregnancy pillow I’ve used...
— Steve Williams DC, DICS, FICS, FRCC (paed), FBCA

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US Design Patent Application No. 29/598,839 and European Design Registration No.EU 003527001