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Belloost® Pillow - Home

Belloost Home is designed with the same expert eye as its award-winning big sister, the Belloost Professional, for use in the comfort of your own home. Stretch and relieve your spine and pelvis.


    Designed by a professional chiropractor, this pillow has endured strenuous testing involving numerous prototypes, hundreds of pregnant bellies and thousands of treatments. We're proud to say we’ve created the safest prone pillow with memory foam layers for unparalleled comfort and support throughout your pregnancy.


    - Oeko-Tex Standard 100 fabrics

    - Dual memory foam design

    - Product dimensions 77 x 52 x 19cm

    Quilted cover: Cotton & Polyester

    Jersey Cover: Cotton & Elastane

    Wipeable Draping fabric (Only available with professional buyers, get in touch for more information)

    Medical-grade impenetrable antimicrobial fabric, warm to touch, waterproof, wipeable & machine washable at high temperatures.

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  • Research shows that lying on your front relieves pressure on the large veins that pump blood up from your lower body, even more so than lying on your left side. Belloost allows you to do this safely without pressure on your bump and in comfort.
    The Belloost pregnancy pillow lengthens the curves of the spine, creating a stretch to the muscles and joints that commonly cause pain. The pillow reverses the anterior pelvic tilt that is associated with back and pelvic pain, allowing your hips to rest in a position which helps relax the buttock muscles. For the biggest impact on back and pelvic pain, get your back and buttocks gentle massaged while you lie on your Belloost pregnancy pillow. See our ‘Support’ section for videos and tutorials.
    Whilst we would still recommend sleeping on your left side predominantly during pregnancy, you can rest on your front for short periods to give your body some respite from being stuck on your left side. Research on front lying during pregnancy on appropriate pillows like Belloost ® has been shown to be safe for periods of 20-30 minutes, no studies have been done with longer periods. Belloost pregnancy pillow offers a safe and comfortable alternative to lying on your left side.
    Yes, the removable insert is great for sleeping on your side with. It’s much easier to take it with you when you need to turn over.
    The Belloost pregnancy pillow is size adjustable in two, so allow it to grown with your bump. That's exactly what it's designed for. You can use it right up to full term my removing the stretchy cover and setting it to it's widest setting
    Absolutely! It will make sleeping on your front even more comfortable for breast feeding mums or post c-section. The benefits to your lower back and pelvis will also continue after you have your baby.
    While there is no research to suggest lying on your front with the correct support is dangerous in women with an anterior placenta, there is no research to confirm it is safe. If you are concerned consult your midwife or doctor before use.
    There is no research to suggest lying on your front with the appropriate support pillow like Belloost is unsafe during the first trimester. Given the inherent increased risk of miscarriage in the first trimester, we recommend waiting until your second trimeter to start using the Home Pregnancy Pillow.

Unrivalled comfort, support & weightlessness when front and side lying during pregnancy.

  • The Belloost Home Pregnancy Pillow is the safest front lying pillow with memory foam layers for unparalleled comfort and support, throughout all stages of pregnancy.
  • The Belloost Home Pregnancy Pillow creates a relieving spinal stretch to relax your back and neck whilst realigning your body and easing muscle and joint pain.
  • The Belloost Home Pregnancy Pillow changes and transforms over time to offer unrivalled comfort and support even to full term.
  • The Belloost Home Pregnancy Pillow grows with your beautiful baby bump, creating a protective cocoon for your prized possession; your bump! As well as your breasts.
  • The Belloost Home Pregnancy Pillow’s patented inner core facilitates balance and stability around the pelvis, while limiting pressure on your delicate pubic symphysis bone, helpful for those with SPD.
  • Designed and used in thousands of healthcare settings including NHS trusts.
  • You can slide the compact small insert under your beautiful bump, or between your knees for additional weightlessness and support when you’re resting on your side.
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