How To Make A Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillow.

As a chiropractor, you will be faced with a variety of patients all of whom have different needs, and one of the most important patients to consider are women who are pregnant. Many women seek the help of a chiropractor when pregnant as aches and pains become worse, and many new problems flare up. So, no one will think twice about your quest for providing them with the standard of treatment you want using equipment that will help you keep them comfortable, like the chiropractic pregnancy pillow for example. 

DIY Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillow

One question many chiropractors find themselves asking is ‘how to make a chiropractic pregnancy pillow?’ and there’s a lot of information online as to how it can be done. One of the most popular answers is to find a large piece of foam and cut a hole out, in order to create a similar shape to that of a professional chiropractic pregnancy pillow. However, does this work?

In short, finding out how to make a chiropractic pregnancy pillow yourself and following the simple instructions online can work. If you want a cheaply made, unprofessional looking piece of equipment then there are corners that can be cut. But, there are other solutions available that work much better and though they may require more of a cost initially in the long run they pay for themselves by providing pregnant patients with a comfortable and relaxing clinical experience.

Professional Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows Work Best

Why embark on making your own chiropractic pregnancy pillow when you can buy one that has been specifically designed, tested and created with chiropractors in mind. They are made to benefit both you and the patient.

It is important that all the equipment you use is of high quality and represents the excellent service and care you provide to each and every patient, which is why anything less than a professional chiropractic pregnancy pillow won’t work. So, what benefits do chiropractic pregnancy pillows like Belloost have?

  • Made from high quality antibacterial faux leather, the pillow is easy to wipe down and is as easy to clean as your chiropractic bench.
  • It is adjustable in size in two different directions, meaning it can accommodate women of any size at any stage of their pregnancy.
  • Using a dual foam design the pillow provides extra support around the pelvis, invaluable for the latter weeks of pregnancy.
  • The pillow allows for all chiropractic adjustments and techniques to be use without the interference you get with other pillows .
  • It supports the patient where they need it most, at all times.
  • It was designed by a chiropractor who understand your needs and the requirements for being able to produce a highly effective adjustment.

As you can see, a homemade chiropractic pregnancy pillows just doesn’t offer the same high quality support that a specifically designed, professionally made one does. When it comes to providing chiropractic care to a pregnant patient no corners should be cut and it is beneficial to both you and them to provide the very best. Find out more about Belloost and chiropractic pregnancy pillows by getting in touch.