5 Different Uses for Your Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillow

With a little creativity, your Belloost™ Chiropractic pregnancy pillow can fulfil many other roles with your clinic. No, don’t get carried away and fire the receptionist just yet, it’s not THAT clever. But here are five great uses to get you going…

1/ Let’s start with the most obvious… Pregnant women! A Chiropractic pregnancy pillow is a must have for any clinic. With more than 50% of pregnant women suffering with lower back pain and a growing number of people in general seeking chiropractic care, there is no doubt you will have growing number of patients in need of your Chiropractic pregnancy pillow.


2/ “Large-bellied” people… Or however else we should politically correctly put it, it is not just pregnant women that have large bellies. Have you ever had a patient whose distended abdomen gave you mild anxiety about side posture adjusting? Or on the other hand was too large to adjust in the first place. It may sound harsh at first, but it’s a real issue. Especially if you are on the petite side yourself. Then you find lying them prone with your thoracic piece dropped still seemed a little precarious for performing drops. Yes, it’s time like these that a chiropractic pregnancy pillow may come in handy. Belloost™ has a special dual foam core, designed to prevent the force generated by the drop piece being absorbed by the pillow before it gets to your patient.


3/ If you are in a closed door clinic and don’t have CA’s to help you, you may find yourself having to call in colleagues or even reception to look after unruly little ones while mum receives her treatment. Although Chiropractic pregnancy pillows are not designed for this purpose, the Belloost™ design does make a good toddler station. The spacious centre hole which can be made wider and longer is a perfect place for little ones to sit and wait patiently. Instead of a Chiropractic pregnancy pillow, your Belloost™ pregnancy pillow can transform in to a car, a boat or even a comfy arm chair (Disclaimer: With a little imagination that is, we DO NOT provide refunds for disappointed customers that have watched too many Transformers movies…).


4/ You can use your Belloost™ Chiropractic pregnancy pillow as a marketing tool… it says what it does on the tin, pretty obvious right? Wrong, to most patients the random block of foam you have in the corner of your room covered in that stereotypical sterile blue hospital like fabric, just looks like another scary tool from your Chiropractic tool box. It more often than not leaves a heavy pregnant woman wondering how these two foam rectangles are ever going to support her big pregnant belly. Belloost™ on the other hand has a friendly casing with soft contours and funky vibrant colours, which leaves patients intrigued as to its use. This type of attention is a great way to generate conversation about the treatments Chiropractic has to offer for pregnant women.


5/ Breast sensitivity is another big one. Let’s say you have helped your patient enjoy a fantastic pregnancy, she has given birth to a healthy chiro-baby, with the perfect shaped head, who latches like a dream following a lovely post birth adjustment. When that patient comes in for her post-natal care, you will most definitely need your Belloost™ Chiropractic pregnancy pillow to allow her to lay comfortably prone with milk filled breasts. Women with large implants or who are at the time in the month when breast sensitivity can make laying on their front super uncomfortable, will be over joyed if you introduce them to the special cut out for breasts on your Belloost™ Chiropractic pregnancy cushion.


There you have it, five different uses for your Belloost™ Chiropractic pregnancy pillow. If you haven’t already, you can order yours today from our online Shop. We’d also love to hear of any other uses you have come up with on our Facebook page.