Spreading the Belloost love...

Over the last two years we have been working hard to bring to you the best pregnancy pillow on the market. We have had some wonderful feedback and hear are just a few of our favourites for this month’s blog…

Polly hand.jpg

“Back pain can affect anyone, but it is particularly common in pregnancy. Clinic manager at Cedar Tree Chiropractic, Ellen has benefited from treatments with the help of our fantastic Belloost pregnancy pillow. The pillow allows her to lie on her front for treatments without squashing baby! Using soft tissue techniques and gentle joint mobilisation we can keep her comfortable and ready for the rapidly approaching birth!” – Cedar Tree Chiropractic

“Used my Belloost for two non-pregnant patients this week-one post abdominal surgery and one following several open chest surgeries. Both found it very comfortable to lie prone for their treatment It’s proving even more useful than I expected!” – Fiona Duncan

“Had our first pregnant lady on our new belloost pillow today and she loved it. She used our old pillow the past 2 weeks and seemed to prefer this one saying it felt much more supportive. Thank you!!” – Polly Hand

“This really is the best pregnancy prone pillow I have used for treatment, it is so supportive and comfortable to work over. I would not hesitate to recommend this completely. Thanks Sharon Sackey, this is a game changer!” – Hazel Jensen

“For all the chiros, osteos, physios, massage therapists and anyone else treating pregnant women... This is the best pregnancy cushion you're gonna find to get those big bellies face down Get your Belloost!!” – Maria Schlott

“Belloost is by far the best pregnancy pillow I have used in practice and would whole heartedly recommend it to any practitioner caring for pregnant women. I give Belloost 5/5 stars!” – Helen Harding

Exciting Announcement!

We are also thrilled to announce that the new Belloost Face Pillow is available for pre-order! 

The Belloost Face Pillow offers optimal head support and comfort when lying prone. It's extra thick, super soft memory foam design is made to last. And has special contours to limit pressure on the delicate sinus areas and the eyes, making it ideal for those with long eyelashes or heavy makeup... No more post-treatment panda eyes!

Most importantly, the new Belloost Face Pillow keeps the whole spine in a neutral position from head to toe, when using your Belloost Pillow without an adjustable headrest.

Suitable for Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists and all manual therapist.

Buy your Belloost Face Pillow in our pre-order sale for just £39 (RRP £44.99)