Celebrating World Breast Feeding Week


To celebrate World Breast Feeding Week, we've caught up with Helen Harding, a chiropractor and Breastfeeding Peer Supporter in North West England, on what a difference Belloost has made to the way she treats pregnant women and babies.

Helen has been in practice in the North West since graduating in 2005, then finally taking the plunge and opening her own clinic in Chester in 2013.

“My passion is the treatment of pregnant women and babies, and I believe that chiropractic check-ups are an important part of a healthy pregnancy. I’ve been extremely privileged to treat lots of mums-to-be throughout all stages of their pregnancy. I love nothing more than coming into a clinic full of bumps and babies every day, however chaotic…and noisy that can sometimes be!”

“I’ve also trained as a breastfeeding peer supporter. The knowledge I have gained from this is invaluable, as I see many babies with feeding problems. Chiropractic treatment in conjunction with gentle cranial techniques can help to relieve tension patterns in infants that may have formed whilst the baby is developing or following a difficult or traumatic birth.

Favourite Features of Belloost include…

I love the colour! Mine is bright orange…..it matches my chairs!!”

The support. It’s firm, without being hard, and incredibly comfortable to lie on. I can vouch for this, as I loved receiving treatment on my Belloost pillow when I was pregnant. I may have even sneaked off for a nap or two in Clinic before I started my maternity leave!”

The shoulder cutouts provide a place to put your hands when pushing up to get off the bench. Genius. Other pillows I have used don’t have this, making it a tricky and unsteady procedure when pregnant.”

How Belloost has helped me treat patients…

“Some women come with no symptoms at all, but wanting chiropractic support throughout pregnancy, others with pain or discomfort. I see lots of women throughout all stages of pregnancy and they have all have found the Belloost pillow comfortable and supportive.”

“Belloost is by far the best pregnancy pillow I have used in practice and would whole heartedly recommend it to any practitioner caring for pregnant women. I give Belloost 5/5 stars!”

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