Belloost catch up with competition winner, Richard Ridings from the BCA Spring Conference!

Our blog post this month is from our Competition Winner at the BCA  Spring Conference back in March, Richard Ridings.

Richard is an experienced chiropractor and has been treating in chiropractic clinics for over 10 years. His current practice, Purity Chiro is based in Dudley and they treat many pregnant ladies in the local area. Here is what he has to say about his new Belloost pillow:

"Pregnant patients love laying on it as it is the only time they get to lay forwards in mid to late pregnancy and actually be comfortable. It is much easier than arranging cushions. 

I have also found it is more comfortable for non-pregnant women in certain situations, for instance after breast augmentation or abdominal surgery.  

The height and firmness would seem to give a good clearance in late pregnancy. My fiancĂ©e, who is currently pregnant, is very excited to put it to the test as she gets bigger in the next few months (due in November)! 

I would happily rate the Belloost pillow 5/5 stars.  It tidies away nicely on a hook in the equipment cupboard rather than being constantly in the way like every other pregnancy cushion I have ever used! 

I will be purchasing an additional one for my next clinic when it opens!

Thank you very much once again - very pleased!"

To find out more about Belloost and our pregnancy pillows, get in touch with us today! Contact us online and a member of the team will be more than happy to answer any questions.