Belloost in Wales!

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In our Blog Post this month we catch up with one of our competition winners from the Royal College Chiropractors Conference, Claire Smith from West Wales Chiropractors…

“I’m Claire and I’m one of the Chiropractors at West Wales Chiropractors. I work alongside Peter and Chris between the clinics at Blaenporth, Carmarthen and Milford Haven. After trying my Belloost pillow at both of the clinics, we now have one at each!

“"I mainly work from Blaenporth which is a rural clinic on the west coast of wales. I’m one of the only female, welsh speaking chiropractors in the area so I tend to see a lot of ladies, although we see a range of male and female patients from newborn upwards. I suffered with pelvic girdle pain while I was pregnant with my own children and this has given me a particular interest in helping mums to be, plus it’s always nice to have a baby cuddle once they’re born!

“I love my belloost pillow because it’s so versatile. It’s great for using with pregnant ladies but I’ve also used it for a patient after breast cancer surgery, for someone who had undergone abdominal surgery and thought they couldn’t lie on their front, and for my bustier patients who find it difficult to lie face down on a flat bench. I’ve also had one very imaginative little boy who turned it over and used it as a boat to play in! It’s a hard-wearing pillow that is easy to wipe down and is perfect for using in clinic.

“One of the most common treatments I use my Belloost pillow for, is when I treat pregnant ladies with pelvic girdle pain. I find that the pillow is very supportive and allows me to do all the techniques that I feel are necessary while keeping my ladies comfortable. Another common complaint that I use my pillow for, is treating ladies with upper back pain caused by a larger bust. The pillow is firm enough to allow a normal treatment while not struggling to keep boobs under control! I would definitely give my Belloost pillow 5 stars and recommend it to everyone.”

For more information about Belloost and our pregnancy pillows or head rests, get in touch with us today! Contact us online and a member of the team will be more than happy to answer any questions.