Why using Belloost Offers More Diverse Treatments to Pregnant Women

We are always pleased to receive positive feedback from chiropractors who are using Belloost on a regular basis. In our latest blog post, Dr. Guy Whitefoot MChiro DC LRCC from Bespoke Chiropractic of Knutsford, tells us what he likes most about treating pregnant patients with his Belloost pregnancy pillow.

I have been meaning to buy a pregnancy pillow for some time as up to now supine, seated and side lying treatment is limiting. This was confirmed when I had a 7 month pregnant new patient with coccyx pain and I really needed her to be prone to make treatment effective. I bought your product and both patient and I are very happy.

I think treating women during pregnancy is one of the most rewarding parts of my job and this has enabled me to offer more diverse treatment in a much more comfortable way. The patient feedback is excellent, comfort being the number one and also gratitude that I am investing in enabling them to have a better treatment experience. I can only imagine the unique feeling of being prone for the first time in 9 months is a revelation!

I see the same amount of pregnant women currently, referrals though I am sure will follow through word of mouth. I used a larger more cumbersome product 7 years ago when I was an associate and it was too soft to adjust or drop on. What has impressed me is that there is enough firmness at the point of adjustment to enable a thoracic cavitation and also for the correct amount of force, pressure and feedback to me when dropping the lumbar pelvic region.

I am impressed with the product and if anything it is a unique conversation starter with other patients who see it in the corner of the treatment room.

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