Corrie Kolaczkowski: Mum & Doctor of Chiropractic 

At Belloost we always like to hear feedback from our customers. It helps us to provide exactly what our customers want, ensure our product is equally useful for chiropractors and make any improvements we feel necessary. After all, the Belloost is a product designed for both the pregnant woman and the professional pregnancy workers.  

Corrie Kolaczkowski is one of those customers. As a chiropractor herself, she was interested in trying the Belloost when she fell pregnant with son Rory. Corrie can offer feedback on the Belloost from both perspectives, as a pregnant patient and a chiropractor.  

Corrie’s Story 

Corrie wanted as healthy and natural a pregnancy and birth as possible. Eating well, exercise – especially walking and yoga and regular chiropractic care resulted in a healthy, comfortable pregnancy. Corrie opted for a home birth assisted by midwives, her mother who is a trained Doula and husband. It was an intense but manageable 17 hour labour, with Corrie finding a standing squat position the most comfortable during contractions instead of the birth pool as she had imagined. As a result she recommends all women do lots of squats during pregnancy – you never know when you might need strong legs! Baby Rory arrived safely and they were able to spend most of the next couple of weeks in bed, bonding, resting and establishing good breastfeeding thanks to great post partum Doula care from Corrie's mother. 

They did however run into some early problems with breastfeeding – Rory struggled latch on one side. Luckily as a Chiropractor Corrie realised this was something she could help with and performed some gentle upper cervical and cranial work on Rory and his latch improved immediately. With a few further tips from a lactation consultant, breastfeeding has been easy and comfortable ever since. 

Rory 213.JPG

As well as using it for herself,

Corrie has treated a number of pregnant women using a Belloost pillow...

"Belloost helped me to provide the very best chiropractic care I could all the way up until clients’ due dates."

Corrie’s Thoughts On The Belloost Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillow 

Throughout her pregnancy, Corrie was treated using the Belloost chiropractic pregnancy pillow. She purchased one when she fell pregnant after finding that the standard, smaller rectangular ones just weren’t fit for purpose and were not as supportive for a larger bump.  

As well as using it for herself, Corrie has treated a number of pregnant women using a Belloost pillow. She mentioned that at the very beginning of pregnancy the pillow itself was a little too big, but as a bump began to show it became an extremely valuable addition to her practice and helped her to provide the very best chiropractic care she could all the way up until customers’ due dates. As a chiropractic pregnancy pillow, the Belloost had enough resistance that Corrie was able to comfortably do all the necessary adjustments. 

Corrie uses an Atlas chiropractic bench and although Belloost was a little wider than the rectangular pillow, it was still a good fit for the bench. She treated one patient throughout two pregnancies; this patient suffered with hip pain and lower back pain from being a dancer, and so was a prime example of someone who has preexisting pains that are stirred up by pregnancy. Her patient found that Belloost was a lot more comfortable and much preferred it to the pillow used during her first pregnancy. Corrie found it made treating her the second time around a lot easier and the patient’s overall experience was better. 

Corrie has just returned to work part time at Portishead Chiropractic Clinic in Bristol. 

If you would like to share with us your experience with Belloost both clinical or personal, please drop us a message using the website contact form, we would love to hear from you!