We no longer produce customised/bespoke orders.

Quality Wipeable Pillow Covers

If you use pillows for treating your clients, you are probably thinking about how you can provide support and comfort while still complying with on-going safety and hygiene guidelines.

Our wipeable pillow covers are made from the same medical-grade vinyl fabric as our award winning pregnancy pillows. And have been designed to provide a solution for creating easy to disinfect, wipeable pillows that look great and are long lasting.

They come in a range of vibrant colours and are made to fit standard rectangular pillows, square pillows and face pillows. They are also suitable for pilates blocks.

Our anti-microbial fabric prevents the growth of bugs and microorganisms and will withstand frequent and thorough cleaning without fading or cracking. 

Create a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing environment for when you start your face-to-face client sessions.

Certified and suitable for healthcare, beauty, hospitality and commercial use. Recommended PPE supplier for British Chiropractic Association and Institute of Osteopathy.

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