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Lightweight Wipeable/Washable Pillow Covers

Professional PPE products, design for the environmentally conscious practitioner. Made from a new medical-grade antimicrobial fabric, these lightweight couch covers are warm to touch, waterproof, wipeable & machine washable.
  • Professional PPE products, design for the environmentally conscious practitioner. Made from a new medical-grade antimicrobial fabric, these lightweight couch covers are waterproof, wipeable & machine washable. These new lightweight couch covers come with an additional drop lining to cover the inside of the face hole too. Out with the old and in with the new, more hygienic and eco-friendly couch covers. High-quality, lightweight, impenetrable fabric suitable for healthcare professionals, beauty therapists and commercial settings.

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  • All materials used within Belloost® professional products have been meticulously selected with quality, safety, longevity, comfort and style in mind. Our new range of lightweight wipeable barrier covers and aprons are wipeable and machine washable. They have been designed to help reduce the impact of plastic PPE waste without compromising on safety for practitioners or your clients. They do not include the insert.

    Further specification:

    All Belloost lightweight wipeable/washable covers are medical grade, antimicrobial, breathable and lint free.

    Infection barrier: ASTM F1671(virus penetration) – Pass ASTM F1670 (synthetic blood) – Pass

    Autoclave and machine washable for easy reusability

    Skin Irritation / classed as non-irritant; Skin Sensitisation – considered to be non-sensitiser

    Conforms to: EN 13795-1:2019, EN 14126:200, AAMIPB70:2012(Level 4), ASTM F2407, British BS 5852 Part 2 CRIB 5 flame retardant, EN ISO 12947:199 Part 2 ISO10993 - 10 ISO9001:2015.

    This fabric has been tested with over 75 washes at 90 degree c, with no damage to its barrier properties. Belloost lightweight wipeable/washable covers can tolerate a wider range of chemical cleaners than our class vinyl, including alcohol based cleaners. For a full cleaning guide, visit the ‘Aftercare Guides’.

  • Please note the covers and face holes are handmade and may vary slightly (+/- 2 cm tolerance) to the dimensions quoted.

    Large rectangle: approx. 70cm x 50cm (designed for standard UK pillows)

    Small Rectangle: approx. 40cm x 30cm

    Horseshoe face pillow: Length: 27cm Width: 25cm Depth: 7cm

  • We aim to dispatch your order for standard covers within 2 working days. Customised/modified covers have a longer lead time.

    You'll receive an email once your order has left our office, it will contain your tracking details. Please keep an eye on these details as we do not track orders once they have left Belloost HQ

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    66 x 15 x8cm

    Large rectangle: 



Eco friendly wipeable pillow covers for optimal comfort, hygiene & longevity

  • Belloost Lightweight Pillow Covers help you to decrease time and money spent on machine washing.
  • Belloost Lightweight Pillow Covers are quick and easy to wipe clean between clients
  • Belloost Wipeable Pillow Covers are made with high quality, medical-grade barrier fabric, which is impenetrable to water & bodily fluids.
  • Belloost Wipeable Pillow Covers are quick and easy to slip on and zip up over most standard pillows.
  • Belloost Wipeable Pillow Covers are long lasting, soft to touch, warm to touch and breathable.

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