So far we have helped over 200 clinics in 9 different countries better serve pregnant women in their community. We love seeing our Belloost family grow. See what some of our customers have to say about Belloost!

This really is the best pregnancy prone pillow I have used for treatment, it is so supportive and comfortable to work over. I would not hesitate to recommend this completely.
— Hazel Jensen DC (Andover Chiropractic Centre)
Pregnant women can be delicate and protective. Belloost is vibrant, it looks great and it’s not intimidating pregnancy pillows I’ve used in the past. Patients love it and I would recommend it to everyone.
— Thashna Ainley DC (Reverence Chiropractic Care)

BELLOOST /‘bel·loost'/ BELLy + bOOSTer
To boost the journey of changes occurring for all big bellied patients with the use of specific and gentle manipulations delivered without interference to your treatment flow.