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Treat your clients with the award winning Belloost pillow.

Belloost takes the pressure off pregnant bodies and allows manual therapists to work the entire back and hips during treatment without having the client to adjust positions.

- Maximum Support.

- Optimal Comfort.

- Breast and Belly Cavity.

- Size Adjustable In Two Different Directions.

- More Gentle & Efficient Pregnancy Treatments.

Belloost is not only great for pregnant women, it’s also great for clients post abdominal or breast surgery, for those with breast sensitivity and those with a distended abdomen.

Go the extra mile for your pregnancy clients and offer them the best treatment experience possible with Belloost, Europes leading prone pregnancy pillow.


Belloost is revered by professionals and mums-to-be alike. But don’t just take our word for it…

See What Our Fans Have To Say.

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Don’t forget we have a #Belloost pregnancy cushion to use when treating our pregnant ladies. I’m told it is so comfortable, in fact so many ladies ask to take it home!
— Claire Devizes Chiropractic
This Belloost pregnancy treatment pillow is a game changer. So great for my patients to be able to lay on their fronts even with a bump!
— Gwendaline Williams - Doula
Pregnant women can be delicate and protective. Belloost is vibrant, it looks great and it’s not intimidating pregnancy pillows I’ve used in the past. Patients love it and I would recommend it to everyone.
— — Thashna Ainley DC (Reverence Chiropractic Care)
This really is the best pregnancy prone pillow I have used for treatment, it is so supportive and comfortable to work over. I would not hesitate to recommend this completely.
— Hazel Jensen DC (Andover Chiropractic Centre)

Belloost In Action…

Join the Belloost family and join us on our mission to help more women enjoy a happy, healthy, pain-free pregnancy and beyond!

Use the discount code: 86Z22MA at checkout and join us on our mission. We look forward to welcoming you to the Belloost family!